Alibris Variable Closing Fee (VCF) increase

Blog Post created by gennyr Employee on Apr 25, 2017

Effective April 1st, 2017, Alibris will increase their Variable Closing Fee (VCF) for US-based sellers.

Who does this affect?

This affects all Alibris US-based sellers in the books, music, movies categories.

What is changing?

 Variable Closing Fee

  •  The new VCF is $1.60 (compared to previous $1.25 for Standard orders and $1.35 for Expedited orders)
  • Applies to all shipping methods
  • Only applies to orders currently subject to VCF (Books, Music, & Movies)
  • No VCF for Via Alibris orders or Barnes & Noble orders
  • Only applies to US-based sellers

For a full explanation of Alibris seller fees, please reference this link:


Many sellers recently increased their price floors to account for Amazon’s fee increases for BMVD categories on March 1st. While the Alibris fee increase isn’t as substantial, any time a marketplace changes fees it’s a good time for sellers to re-evaluate the cost associated with selling items on each marketplace.

As a Monsoon seller, it’s important to ensure increased marketplace fees don’t negatively impact your bottom line, so below are some helpful features you can utilize to offset the added cost:

The first feature above allows you to set your own price floors to ensure you get your minimum desired margin on every order. The second feature allows you to set price floors with market-specific costs in mind (i.e. the increased Alibris VCF).


If you have any questions about the fee increase, please contact Alibris at

If you’d like assistance reviewing your price floors, feel free to contact Monsoon Account Management at