Action Required by AbeBooks

Blog Post created by monsooninc Employee on Aug 10, 2017

AbeBooks sent the following the message to sellers regarding the addition of Stripe as one of their payment service providers. If you sell on AbeBooks, you will need to have your account information verified with all of their payment service providers, including Stripe. Instructions for how to complete the verification are included:



Dear Seller,


As we communicated earlier this year, AbeBooks is now working with an additional external payment service provider called Stripe. Stripe will be used concurrently with AbeBooks’ current external payment service provider, Skrill/PaySafe. Sellers will need to have their account information verified with all of our payment service providers.


To begin verification with Stripe, please accept the Stripe Terms and Conditions before the end of August. To do so, sign on to your AbeBooks Members Menu and click [Account Details] in the ‘My Personal Information’ section. Click [Agreements] to review and accept the Stripe Terms and Conditions.


You may also be required to provide some additional information for Stripe account verification. Any requirements which pertain to you will be clearly indicated in the “Manage My Account” section of your Members Menu. As with the Terms and Conditions, please provide this information before the end of August.


If you’d like to see a full overview of the account verification requirements for different businesses, please visit this help page:


If you have any questions, please contact AbeBooks Customer Support.


Your AbeBooks Team.