New eBay HTTPS security standards effective October 1st

Blog Post created by monsooninc Employee on Aug 18, 2017

As part of eBay’s Summer Seller update, they announced new requirements for secure images, listing templates and functionality in item descriptions for both eBay US and eBay UK:


“To align with new industry security standards, eBay will begin exclusively using the HTTPS communications protocol in the coming months to send and receive information between your desktop browser or mobile device and our site. We have used this protocol for many years for transmission of most sensitive information and are expanding its use. Item descriptions that contain externally-hosted cascading style sheets (CSS), images, or HTML5 video may be affected. To ensure that your item descriptions and images display properly, ask your hosting provider or third-party partner to support HTTPS and update listing templates or descriptions accordingly. For optimized display on both web and mobile, we recommend that you upload your images to eBay.”


Please review the following actions that you will need to take by October 1st if you are using HTTP in your image urls and/or listing templates:


  • If you host your own images and those images use an HTTP URL in the Image 1-9 fields in Monsoon, you will need to host these via an HTTPS-capable service and update the Image 1-9 fields with the HTTPS URLs.
  • If you use HTTP URLs in your listing templates, you will also need to host these via an HTTPS-capable service and update them to HTTPS in the templates.


Check out our WebHelp for instructions on how to update eBay Templates and Images in Monsoon Marketplace.


Monsoon will be updating the image urls that we host on Amazon S3 to HTTPS in an upcoming release.

You can view the complete Summer Seller Update here.