Cleaned up and Moving Forward

Blog Post created by dhersh Employee on Sep 12, 2017

First off, I want to apologize for less communication the last few months. We have been working hard, but it's been more house-cleaning than feature-releases. Still, my fault for not keeping you in the loop, and I hope to remedy that this month.

We spent the last six months doing a thorough restructuring and rebuilding of the company, including an overhaul of our engineering organization. Unfortunately we weren't able to release as many new features during that time. But we did do a lot of transition and foundational product work. And now that the new team is in place, we are set to improve the product, fix your issues and build for the future.


Part of that effort was shifting resources from sales and marketing into customer success and R&D: work closely with our customers, ensure our product is the best in the market, and come through on a new approach helping marketplace sellers. So we needed a lot more throughput in our product and engineering organization.  

A good way to think about the work we’re doing to improve and transform the Monsoon offering is a) solving short term pain, and b) re-architecting the system for the long run.

In the case of part A, we have learned a lot about the current state of our sellers, and how we can support the those needs in the current product.


To that end, we set a goal for our team to release four "highly requested" key features in the next 30 days:


  1. Amazon Spain Integration
  2. Amazon Italy Integration
  3. Ability to print Item notes on Packing Slips
  4. Ability to filter Inventory by market


In addition (part B above), we are slowly moving our services to a stronger, more performant, cloud-based platform that will not only reduce the current bugs and pain points by a factor of 10, but allow for a level of data-driven selling that wouldn’t be possible with Monsoon today (or any other solution on the market). That means keeping our customers way ahead of the competitive game.

My next post will be about what that move to the cloud means for our customers. So stay tuned on that. For now, I want to make it clear:

  1. We still have a lot of media customers and are intent on doing everything we can to make them more successful.
  2. The period of restructuring is coming to an end, and we now have a lot more throughput in R&D to fix issues and build new features.
  3. In parallel, we’re building a very modern platform for the future. The upcoming analytics release and move to the cloud is a part of that.

Thanks for your support during this time. I would love to hear from you. Please reach out directly or comment below, and let me know how it’s going and if we could be doing more to help you and your business, and if there’s anything we can be doing better.