New Receiving Feature for Media Sellers

Blog Post created by kwallace on Sep 14, 2017

Monsoon’s latest release allows sellers of Books, Music, Videos, and DVDs access to an “all results” configuration that will show all products returned by the Amazon API during inventory receiving.


Currently, when scanning media items, only the top result is displayed. This is an efficient way to accept or reject what is deemed to be the ‘best’ result, however, this may not always be the desired item (i.e. does not match item in hand, is a seller created listing, matches an ebook, etc.). The item may also be returned with a message stating “Item not supported in Monsoon Marketplace”. In order to see all eligible results, the workaround is to type part of the Title after the ISBN in the search bar.


The first screenshot below shows the message displayed when an ebook is returned as the top result. The second screenshot shows the results of the same scan with the “all results” configuration in place.


This configuration was designed to provide an alternate workflow for users experiencing a high rate of “Item not supported in Monsoon Marketplace”. Given that more results are displayed with the configuration, it also means that users will be tasked with identifying the best result for the item in-hand.


If you would like the “all results” configuration enabled, please send in a request to our Support team at



Without configuration:

With configuration: