How our Move to the Cloud will Help You

Blog Post created by dhersh Employee on Sep 20, 2017

Following up on my post last week, I wanted to talk about our Monsoon platform overhaul. In parallel to the  “make your lives easier” feature improvements I discussed, we are methodically migrating core product components to the cloud. I wanted to share what that means and why it’s important.



This move represents a number of significant improvements for our customers:


  1. Infrastructure Relief: you will no longer need to rely on local hardware to run Monsoon. After all functionality has been migrated to the cloud, you will be able to transition off your Monsoon clients and server(s).
  2. Powerful data engine: The core of our new cloud environment, this data engine will not only fuel the soon-to-be-released Monsoon Analytics but will be the intelligent, prescriptive layer feeding the rest of the platform.
  3. Performance Improvements: The new cloud environment will be built on a highly performant foundation. Data retrieval and marketplace actions will happen at a much faster pace while critical analytics will all be available in real-time.
  4. Accessibility from Anywhere: Starting with the upcoming Analytics release, Monsoon will be accessible from anywhere on any device. This means that your employees working in the warehouse can use a tablet to check on inventory status, while you can use your mobile phone to keep tabs on the health of your business.


We realize there have been a number of false starts around cloud products in the past, but here’s how this approach is different:


  1. Piecemeal approach: We are moving one core function at at time. This provides for very focused efforts from our engineering team while providing customers the ability to confidently migrate over time.
  2. Data-driven swat team: We’ve brought in experts around cloud architecture, scalability, and big data to ensure every aspect of the cloud migration is built against high performance benchmarks.
  3. Agility rules: We’ve switched to a highly agile form of releases so that our engineering team can focus on short-term chunks of code that get pushed on a daily basis. This allows for our house to get built in a much more efficient manner.


Here is what the prioritization looks like for the cloud migration. As a user of Monsoon you will experience significant improvements to the platform with each module release:


  • Analytics (NEW)
    • ETA (MVP): October 3rd
  • Pricing Logic
    • ETA: October 16th
  • Channel Management
    • ETA: December 5th
  • Inventory Management
    • ETA: Q1 2018
  • Order Management
    • ETA: Q1 2018


Issues do arise, and we sometimes need to shift resources to fix the short term pains, but we’re working hard to hit these goals.


Once we’ve moved all these modules over, what you will have is a new, highly performant, accessible from anywhere version of Monsoon.