Review your item notes

Blog Post created by kwallace on Dec 20, 2017

We’ve had isolated reports of listings getting flagged on Amazon and eBay for having improper wording in the item “comments” or notes. Basically, the marketplaces are taking issue with the notes if they include language that describes anything other than the condition of the item - promotional language, information about your organization or shipping and handling details are problematic.

While the marketplaces’ policy documentation does not explicitly call out use of the item notes and acceptable language, we have had reports of sellers receiving listing restrictions and threats of suspension because of this.


The easiest way to review your notes in bulk is with an inventory export. You can then make any needed changes to your item notes and import them back into Monsoon, or manually edit the notes via the My Inventory tab.


Please be advised that notes can be in any one of the following locations so be sure to verify that those notes only refer to item condition: classification notes, frequently used notes, condition & category notes, and/or market notes.  


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