2018 Planning and News

Blog Post created by dhersh Employee on Jan 9, 2018

Happy New Year!

Since we’re coming up on the one year anniversary (Feb 6) of my acquisition of Monsoon, I thought I would send a recap of the work we’ve done over the last year and announce some exciting developments at the company.

There was a metric ton of cleanup work to be done, given static systems, processes, metrics and a product stack that had not been improved upon for a while.

But we feel good about the progress we have made and the turnaround that has put us in a better position for rapid innovation ongoing.

A couple of highlights from 2017:

  • We refocused the company and built the team to better support our existing customers.
  • We significantly upgraded the engineering team with more domain expertise and modern cloud infrastructure experience.
  • We built out the first part of the cloud infrastructure. This took longer than we imagined due to the sheer amount of re-architecture that had to be done. No excuses here (I take full responsibility for the delays); just communicating the breadth of work that had to be done before the changes can be seen in the product.
  • While doing the above foundational work, we also were able to solve a lot of immediate needs through regular releases to our current, on-premise version of Monsoon, including new marketplaces (Walmart, Amazon ES and IT), lots of efficiency-enhancing features, and being responsive to marketplace-induced changes.

Highlights for Q1/Q2 2018:

The foundation we put in place will pay dividends this year as we release more product in 2018. Some of the cloud infrastructure work that will roll out soon includes:

  • Beta version of Analytics will be rolled out in February. We will continue to release updates throughout the year as we move more of the underlying data to the new infrastructure. This will be our first customer facing Cloud application.
  • On Premise-to-Cloud syncing, which will move system of record and order data to the cloud. While not visible to users, this is basic infrastructure work that needs to be done to move all customer facing applications to the new cloud environment.
  • Pricing in the Cloud (which includes all the features of the on-premise version) is scheduled for Q2, with more feature enhancements throughout the year
  • Throughout these cloud releases, we will continue to push improvements to your on-premise product, to ensure your environment is running as smoothly as possible.

Finally, a big announcement!

We are bringing Kanth Gopalpur, Monsoon’s original founder and CEO, back into the CEO seat!

One of the reasons I got into working on business turnarounds was to bring the heart and soul back into businesses that had lost their way. To me, there is no greater symbol of that aspiration than bringing back the founder who led the company from its foundation.

I have known Kanth for almost fourteen years, and he was one of the main reasons I purchased Monsoon last year. Kanth had been out of the business since 2011, but never lost his love for Monsoon. His knowledge of this space, product and customer base is truly remarkable, and the team and I couldn’t be more excited to bring him back and work with him.

I will continue to act as an involved Chairman (and you can continue to reach out anytime), but Kanth will be responsible for all aspects of Monsoon’s operations.

In Summary:

2017 was a rebuilding year, where we put in place the technical and team foundation that will allow us to better serve you over the next decade. We remain very committed to helping you grow your business intelligently, in 2018 and beyond.

Thanks so much for all your support.