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Blog Post created by kwallace on Feb 1, 2018

If you’ve ever received a notice from one of the marketplaces about an upcoming change or seller requirement and wondered “Have other sellers received this too?”, you’re not alone. You can quickly gain some perspective (and all too often, some comic relief) by checking out the various marketplace forums where sellers congregate. You can post questions, connect with fellow sellers, and find information about temporary marketplace issues, such as feed processing delays and outages.

To help make it easier to track down the various forums, we've included links below.

Also, if you ever want to pose questions specifically to other Monsoon sellers, you can do so right here in the Monsoon Community. Just jump over to the Get Answers section and ask away!


eBay US

eBay UK


Amazon US

Amazon Europe (use dropdown to choose forums for specific countries-FR, UK, DE, etc.)


AbeBooks US & UK (various for seller & buyer)