eBay Spring Seller Update Highlights

Blog Post created by gennyr Employee on Mar 15, 2018

eBay recently published their Spring Seller Update with information about the changes and enhancements that they have planned for the coming year - you can check it out here. One of the most compelling features is their move to a product-based shopping experience, where a buyer can more easily view the various offers for a particular product (similar to Amazon) versus having to scroll through numerous independent seller listings. Monsoon will be supporting the changes as eBay rolls them out.


There will also be changes to eBay’s returns policies. Starting in May, they’re limiting the different returns options that you can offer to buyers - no returns and either buyer-paid or free 30 and 60 day returns. eBay will be offering additional seller protection for those offering free returns, including the ability for sellers to provide partial refunds if returns come back damaged or used.


The eBay store subscription options will be expanding and the monthly fees for Basic and Premium stores will see a slight increase. Starting in May, sellers with consistently high listing counts should look into the new Enterprise-level subscription option, where $2500/month will get you 100K free listings. By my estimates, sellers with approximately 55,000+ listings should consider upgrading their Anchor store to the Enterprise level.


I highly recommend reading through the Update so that you’re in the know on the features and changes.