Spring Cleaning - Part 2

Blog Post created by gennyr Employee on Mar 16, 2018

In Part 1, I covered pricing rule and custom pricing strategy clean-up, and recommended filtering for Classifications that you might have included in those rules before deleting them. I don’t want you to delete any rules that are in use, but I do want you to consider removing Classifications and Smart Classifications that are not in use.


This is one area of the software that can easily get a little cluttered if you let it. Reason being, you can create Classifications all day long with little risk of disrupting other settings, so it’s a common place for folks to lay out their thoughts for how they might want to slice and dice their inventory. But a Classification doesn’t do anything until you tag an item with it and then create a listing rule, pricing rule, shipping rule, receiving threshold or filter that includes (or excludes) that Classification. Many folks will create a Classification with the intent to use it in the future, but then never do. Or perhaps create one for a moment in time, when they’re interested in grouping certain items together for reporting purposes, but then no longer need it down the road.


Monsoon protects you from removing a Classification that is used by a rule, receiving threshold or filter. When you try to remove a Classification that’s used in this way (Settings -> Classifications -> Remove Classification) you’ll get the following message:


It simply won’t let you do it. If you’ve applied a Classification to an item but it hasn’t been used in  a rule, receiving threshold or filter, Monsoon will warn you:


If you try to remove a Classification and you don’t get a warning, that means that it is not being used.


So if your Classifications list is starting to look a bit unruly, consider deleting the ones that you don’t need. You can be confident that Monsoon won’t let you automatically delete any that are in use.


Smart Classifications

I make the same argument as above for a Smart Classification - if you’re not using it in a rule, receiving threshold or filter, consider deleting it. (Settings -> Smart Classifications -> Remove Smart Classification)


Monsoon has similar protections in place when trying to remove Smart Classifications that are actively in use. If you’ve incorporated a Smart Classification into a rule or receiving threshold, Monsoon won’t allow you to remove it. You’ll get this message:



If you try to remove a Smart Classification that isn’t used by a rule or receiving threshold, you’ll get the warning below. Keep in mind that if you’ve created a Smart Classification for the purposes of filtering inventory on the My Inventory tab (by clicking “Browse” -> Filter, to isolate SKUs that meet the criteria of a Smart Classification), this is the warning that you’ll receive. So even though you may not be using it in a rule or receiving threshold, make sure that you don’t need it for filtering inventory before you remove it.



If you’ve forgotten the criteria of a Smart Classification, you can view it by clicking “Edit” next to the Smart Classification. You can also see how many SKUs meet the criteria by clicking “Display Item Count”.


Not to sound like a broken record, but if you’re unsure if you should remove a Classification or Smart Classification, play it safe and don’t remove it.


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