FBA Stranded Inventory Issue

Blog Post created by kwallace on Jun 26, 2018

[Update July 3, 2018] We have identified the underlying cause as being due to an Amazon change and will be releasing a version update within the week that will comply with this change.


Some FBA sellers have been reporting issues with newly submitted FBA items not listing on Amazon. If you notice newly submitted FBA SKUs getting stuck in the Fix Stranded Inventory Section on Amazon with “Incomplete” as the status, you may be impacted by this issue. This appears to be a problem on Amazon’s end and we are working with their support team to find a solution.


In some cases, sellers have reported that they can get these stranded items to list by clicking the “Create a new listing” button from the Stranded Inventory section and following the instructions on the proceeding page. There unfortunately does not appear to be a way to do this in bulk.


We will continue to work with Amazon and update this post as we receive new information.