New Technical Support System

Blog Post created by noahs Employee on Jul 5, 2018

Hello All,


We recently switched to a new technical support ticketing system in order to help you with technical issues in a more efficient manner. During the transition, we have faced a number of challenges and we feel we are now on track to overcome those issues.


One particular challenge has been the new system sending repeated ticket updates that contain no new information. The good news is we have found the cause of this and we have a solution in place. But that solution depends on you.


In 2016, Monsoon Commerce became Monsoon, Inc. and at that time we updated all of our email addresses to use the domain. We redirected some of the older email addresses to the new email addresses in order to prevent any drop in communication. One such email address is


The new ticketing system does not recognize this email address. It only recognizes the current email address. When we receive an email from the old email address, the new ticketing system gets caught in an auto-response loop and sends repeated ticket updates.


With this issue in mind and the fact that we are no longer Monsoon Commerce, we are ending as a way to communicate with our support team.


Starting on Monday, July 9th, is going away. If you send emails to this address we will no longer receive them and will not know you need help.


If you need to submit a support ticket, please use That will be the only email address recognized by the new ticketing system.


Going forward, please submit tickets using:


Also, please look for an invitation to our new customer support portal in your inbox on Tuesday, July 10th. The new support portal will allow you to view your ticket history and submit support tickets. You will even be able to record your screen and submit the recording as part of your ticket. This will help us resolve your issues much faster!


Thank You,

Monsoon Support