Changes to the Monsoon Cloud preview

Blog Post created by jons Employee on Jul 25, 2018

Hello everyone,


Earlier this year, we launched the Monsoon Cloud preview application, which gave you an idea of what’s possible with your data, how we may use it in a web-based product, and how it could help you manage your business. Since we launched the Monsoon Cloud preview, we’ve learned a lot from you about what you’d like to see in the future.


As we build towards that future, we want focus on creating and innovating in our web-based products(s) while continuing to deliver value to you in the Monsoon desktop application. To help us achieve that focus, we’ll be disabling the Monsoon Cloud preview application on 7/31/2018. We’ll be using all of the valuable insights we’ve received from you over the past few months as we reimagine these concepts in future products.


Another quick update, the cloud pricing beta will be fully underway next week. The beta will wrap up in August, so I’ll let you know when we’ll be rolling out cloud pricing to everyone.