CEO Update for Q4

Blog Post created by kanthg on Oct 9, 2018

Greetings from Monsoon!


It’s hard to believe that we are already in Q4 of 2018! Most of you are coming out of a hectic back to school season and I am sure all of you are preparing for the upcoming holiday rush. In anticipation of this busy period I wanted to provide an update on several initiatives that we will be rolling out this quarter to help maximize your sales.


New Monsoon Marketplace features:  

The latest releases of Monsoon Marketplace have the following features, all of which are intended to create a better user experience.

  • eBay enhancements: eBay has made some big changes this year to drive buyers to their site . As part of those changes, Monsoon Marketplace now supports their new product-based shopping experience. As products are created in eBay’s catalog, Monsoon will list the items you want to sell against those products. This allows the buyer to easily find the product and view all sellers who are offering it for sale. For more info on how this works please visit https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/listing-and-marketing/product-based-shopping-experience.html.

  • Order Reports: Earlier this year, we added the ability to see sales of a product for the last 30, 90, and 365 days when you’re receiving it or viewing it on the My Inventory tab. We have received very positive feedback on this feature and have now added the ability for you to export this information from the File menu or via the data exchange. This is intended to help you in making better purchasing and replenishment decisions and we hope you will find it useful.
  • Other improvements: We’ve also made tweaks to improve how Monsoon Marketplace runs on your server (such as reducing memory usage), enabled it to be compatible with the upcoming Cloud Pricing Engine (see more below),  and fixed some performance issues to make it easier for you to get products into Monsoon and to list them appropriately on all supported channels.


The release notes for these deployments will have more detail on the specific features and fixes.


New Sales Channels:

Adding more sales channels is a time-tested way to increase sales for most of our customer base. Monsoon will be supporting three new sales channels this quarter. They are:

  • Valore Books: Valore is part of the Follett Marketplace and is one of the largest consumer online textbook marketplaces driving sales across an extensive network of student sellers and buyers. Monsoon is now integrated with Valore and customers interested in listing on this channel can get started by setting up an account here: https://www.valorebooks.com/CallTargetSSL.do?Target=Seller.Registration

  • Direct Online: This is a business to business platform where booksellers can offer inventory for sale as well as source products. A big advantage of this channel is that there are no monthly fees and the commissions are also lower than other marketplaces. This channel is currently available just for booksellers. If you are interested in joining this network or have questions, please visit the Direct Marketplace FAQ page or use the Contact Us option at Direct Marketplace.
  • Amazon Mexico: Starting in November, Monsoon Marketplace will support selling products on Amazon Mexico using the Build International Listings tool from within Seller Central. This will open an another sales channel just in time for the holiday season. When buyers purchase one of your products, their Amazon.mx orders will flow into Monsoon as Amazon US orders and you can process them just as you would on any other Amazon channel.


Our Support and Account Management teams will be more than happy to assist in listing on these channels so please feel free to reach out to them for assistance.


UK Shipping Integration:

Of particular interest to UK customers will be our integration with Intelligent Shipper, which is shipping software provided by Intersoft, a division of Royal Mail. Intelligent Shipper is a cloud-based system that provides eCommerce retailers a flexible, cost effective delivery management system with multiple carrier integrations both domestically and globally. More info on this can be found at http://www.intersoft.co.uk/case-studies/#royal-mailhttp://www.intersoft.co.uk/case-studies/#royal-mail


Cloud Pricing:

As most of you are aware, we have been broadcasting our transition to a more modern cloud based platform for awhile now.  For ease of implementation and to minimize disruption on the daily business of our users, we are launching this platform in discrete modules, with the first module being our Pricing Engine. The first step in this process was to transfer the underlying infrastructure as well as most of the existing pricing logic to a more modern platform. We have been in a successful beta phase of this Cloud Pricing infrastructure with a few customers for the past couple of months and our goal is to now roll out Cloud Pricing to our entire customer base this quarter.  Users will not see a change to the interface or the way you manage your Price Settings but the underlying technology has been completely rewritten to make it more effective and extensible. This is an exciting chapter for Monsoon and will enable us to add in additional powerful functionality in the future that will enable users to maximize sales and margins on marketplaces.


As you can see from the above, there are lot of useful features that have either been deployed or will be deployed in the near term to benefit your overall marketplace performance. In addition to these, we have also been making strategic additions to our product roadmap as well as strengthening our team. There is one particular addition that we here at Monsoon are especially excited about:


Meet Michael Andrews, our new Chief Technology Officer:

It is my pleasure to introduce Michael Andrews to the Monsoon community. As CTO of Monsoon, Michael is spearheading the effort to bring Monsoon Pro into the Cloud Era. With over 15 years of experience in software engineering, Michael strives to be at the forefront of technology and has brought many data-driven products to life. Most pertinently, prior to joining Monsoon, Michael served as CTO of IceTrends.com, effectively taking ownership of a legacy e-commerce platform and migrating it a SaaS e-commerce platform. As part of this project Michael led the integration of existing marketing, e-commerce and clickstream data into a prescriptive and predictive data platform. This experience is very relevant to what we hope to achieve with the new Monsoon Cloud platform and we are excited to have Michael leading this effort.


As we roll out these new releases and features we will be posting more details about them on the Monsoon Community. Please make sure you sign up (if you haven’t already done so) for the Monsoon Community to keep abreast of these and all other developments that could have an impact on the way you use Monsoon Marketplace to grow your business.  


Happy selling,