Cloud Pricing | What should you expect?

Blog Post created by jons Employee on Oct 29, 2018

A few weeks ago, Kanth spoke about all of the exciting initiatives and opportunities coming to you this quarter. We’re excited to start migrating everyone from desktop pricing to cloud pricing.


We’ll be setting all of you up in our cloud infrastructure over the next few months to prepare for the migration, and we’ll follow up with you individually as we switch you over to cloud pricing. All of these changes will happen behind the scenes, so there’s no action you need to take on your end. Based on seasonality, we may not migrate all of you to cloud pricing until after the peak holiday seasons, but everything will be ready in our cloud infrastructure to migrate when we’re ready.


Once you’re using cloud pricing, your Monsoon server will no longer reprice items. When Amazon notifies us of a price change for one of your listings, the product is repriced in our cloud infrastructure based on your price settings. Your Monsoon server is constantly looking for any prices that have changed and is sending updates to the channels you’re selling that product on. All of your price settings will still be managed in the Monsoon desktop application like they are today.


We know that visibility into repricing is critical to your business, so we’ve replaced the Price History feature in Monsoon Monsoon Marketplace with a new feature called Price Changes. Price Changes shows you the last five price changes for a SKU and the reason that the price changed. You can find information about the features and changes related to cloud pricing in the Get Answers section of the community.


We are already planning some improvements to cloud pricing this quarter, and we’re interested in your feedback. If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback, you can post in the Ideas section of the community or email us .