New 5.19 and 5.20 Feature Highlights

Blog Post created by gennyr Employee on Nov 9, 2018

In Monsoon versions 5.19 and 5.20, we introduced a couple new features that I want to call out -


30, 90 and 365-day orders are now included in the inventory export

When we added the ability to see this information for ASINs on the My Inventory and Inventory Receiving tabs, it was very well received. You can read more about it here, but in short, the feature provides you with a quick snapshot of how well that ASIN is selling, helping you identify anomalies and opportunities.


One request that we received from multiple sellers was to include that same information in the inventory exports to help save time with marrying inventory and order data. So, we did. You can now find columns for QtySold30Days, QtySold90Days, and QtySold365Days when you export your inventory.


Amazon Mexico via Build International Listings

You can now create Amazon Mexico listings from your Amazon US inventory as part of Amazon’s Build International Listings feature. When an order is placed on one of those listings, the order will flow into Monsoon as an Amazon US order with the appropriate currency conversion. (If you enabled this feature for Amazon Italy and Spain before those markets were included in Monsoon, then this should sound familiar.) The one catch is that you must have an Amazon North America unified account type in order to enable this functionality.


Amazon has been urging sellers to migrate to the unified account type for quite some time now, but if you haven’t yet migrated, you can do so by contacting Amazon Technical Support. Two standalone Amazon accounts (one for Canada and one for US) is still okay, and you would continue to sell on Amazon Canada as-is with its own account. Alternatively, you have the option to start listing to Canada via the unified North America account. By going this route, you would eliminate the additional $39.99 Professional Selling fee that you pay for Canada, but you will essentially be starting fresh on Canada with new listings and your existing feedback will not carry over.


If and when you migrate to the North America account type, be sure to let our Support team know so that we’re in the loop and can help ensure a smooth transition.


**NOTE: Amazon Mexico is the only region Monsoon supports through Amazon’s Build International Listings feature at this time.