Issue with latest Dazzle version

Blog Post created by kwallace on Feb 8, 2019

We have received reports from some Monsoon users that updating to the recent Dazzle version 18.1.11 may cause problems with shipping and/or tracking numbers not being sent to Monsoon. Endicia is aware of this, and we are working with them to determine the cause of the issue.

While we are working to resolve the issue we have found the following workaround to be the best option in printing postage, getting tracking numbers into Monsoon and marking your orders as shipped. *Please note that tracking does need to be added to an order before it is marked as shipped in order for that information to be sent to the marketplaces.


  • When clicking the Print Postage button in Monsoon, choose the option to Override Monsoon data (this will open Dazzle).
  • Once Dazzle is open, verify the postage settings are correct (package type, mail class, etc.).
  • Click the Print button in Dazzle.
  • Copy the tracking number from Dazzle and paste this into the order in Monsoon.
  • Click the Ship button in Monsoon.


If you have any questions, please contact Support.


We will continue to work with Endicia and update this post as we receive new information.


Thank you,

The Monsoon Team