How Do I De-list and Relist my Amazon Inventory?

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Since Amazon’s mandatory switch to the Selling on Amazon accounts, some customers have experienced problems with relisting items that were previously listed as Inactive (Out of Stock). This issue may affect your inventory if you sell on Amazon US or UK. See the Info Exchange post about the error.

If your inventory has a large number of SKUs with this incorrect status, you can delist, purge the inventory, and relist to fix it instead of removing each SKU individually.

If you create your own products, this process may cause any products created by you to be permanently deleted. If this could be a problem, we recommend that you do not go through these steps.

Delist your inventory

First, delist your inventory in Monsoon.

The delisting process may take some time, up to several hours depending on the amount of items you have listed.

Once delisting has completed, move on to the next step.

Purge your inventory from Amazon

    1. In your Amazon Seller Central account, find a SKU in your inventory that you know is valid. Copy the SKU to Notepad or keep the SKU information on your screen so you can easily copy it. Use the SKU in step 2.
    2. Right click and download this text file. Replace the second instance of SKU (capitalized) with the SKU from step 1 and save the file.
    3. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.
    4. Go to Inventory > Add Products via Upload.

Amazon Add Products via Upload

    1. Select the Check and Upload Your Inventory File tab.

Amazon Purge and Replace Your Inventory

    1. For File type, select Inventory Loader File.
    2. Click the Browse button next to File Upload and select the text file you saved previously.
    3. Click Purge and Replace.

Amazon will begin purging all SKUs. When this process is complete, you’ll need to manually remove any remaining SKUs. There should be only one—the SKU you uploaded in the text file—left.

To remove the remaining SKU

      • Go to the Inventory > Manage Inventory page.
      • Select any remaining SKUs.
      • Click the Action button and select Delete products and listings.


  1. When all SKUs have been removed, go back to Monsoon Marketplace.
  2. Go to Settings > Amazon and the market you delisted and purged.
  3. Click Relist.

Once relisting is complete, your inventory should show the correct status both in Monsoon Marketplace and on Amazon. If you have questions, please contact Support.


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