Why is Monsoon Marketplace cancelling some of my Alibris orders?

Document created by chrisr Employee on Apr 18, 2017
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Alibris requires Monsoon Marketplace to communicate through an FTP connection. This means the way in which orders are processed for the Alibris market is unique. When an item is ordered on Alibris, the order information is placed in a file and sent to the FTP server. Monsoon Marketplace retrieves the file and checks your inventory to see if there is quantity available to fulfill the order.  Monsoon Marketplace sends a file back to the FTP server to tell Alibris whether there is quantity available or not. Alibris processes the file and automatically marks the order as shipped if quantity is available, or as cancelled if quantity is not available. When Alibris cancels an order, a file is sent back to Monsoon Marketplace with that information, and the order status is updated to Canceled in Monsoon Marketplace.