Why do I have AbeBooks orders showing as pending in Monsoon Marketplace?

Document created by chrisr Employee on Apr 18, 2017
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When an AbeBooks order is listed as Pending in Monsoon Marketplace, it means that Monsoon Marketplace has finished it’s part of the process (the order information was received from AbeBooks, it was downloaded to your system, and a confirmation was sent back to the marketplace) but AbeBooks has yet to return the final confirmation to Monsoon Marketplace. Most AbeBooks orders come in like this and are quickly confirmed by the marketplace, which results in a timely status change from Pending to New.

It can take up to a day for the marketplace to send the confirm file for some Pending orders. If confirmation has not been received within 24 hours, AbeBooks may have neglected to include the order in the files it sends to Monsoon Marketplace, or the file may be stuck.

If only one order is in Pending status and other orders come into Monsoon Marketplace normally, then it was most likely a momentary communication issue and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. In that case, you will need to process the order directly on the marketplace (making sure that you also decrement the quantity in Pro) .

Alternately, if you see this happening to multiple orders, we recommend verifying that you have the correct AbeBooks credentials in Monsoon Marketplace (incorrect credentials can interrupt communication with the marketplace). If your credentials are correct, then please contact the Support team for further assistance.