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Monsoon Marketplace enables you to list and manage inventory across multiple markets, while it provides automated, ongoing re-pricing to keep your listings competitive. The software continuously communicates with the markets, transferring information about your inventory and orders.

While Monsoon Marketplace is a key component to your business success, you’ll also need to monitor and maintain your company’s IT infrastructure, your physical inventory, and your market accounts to get the best performance. 

Things to know:

We do not have a backup copy of your data at Monsoon Commerce.

  • Limited information is transmitted to us for billing and performance analysis. All of your specific inventory and order data is stored on your local server, and all communication with the markets takes place through that machine.
  • Monsoon Marketplace has a built-in process for creating backups (a daily differential and a weekly full) that are saved on your server by default. We recommend that you copy or save these to another location outside of the server for safekeeping.
  • We strongly recommend that you have multiple backups, with at least one copy stored off site, to aid recovery in the event of a worst-case scenario. You can read more about backups on the Info Exchange

The Monsoon Marketplace System Requirements are important to understand and follow.

  • It’s crucial that your Monsoon Marketplace server has a continuous, uninterrupted connection to the Internet. Use a wired router and broadband modem to create your stable connection. Dial-up, satellite, and wireless Internet connections are not supported.
  • To prevent communication issues, we recommend that you configure your server to never go into standby, sleep, or hibernate modes. These will interrupt your server’s communication to the markets, as well as to your workstations.


  1. Create a database back-up plan
    1. Identify where you will store your backups.
    2. Decide how often you will save a full backup of your Monsoon Marketplace data to an external drive.
    3. Outline a plan of action.
  2. Create an inventory maintenance plan
    1. Identify the steps you currently take to manage your physical inventory.
    2. Outline a plan of action if you do not already have one in place.
    3. Review the system requirements
    4. Be sure that your machines meet the minimum system requirements.
    5. Review your server’s settings for standby, sleep, and hibernate mode.

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