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Classifications are labels you can create to help find, organize, and group your inventory. They are completely optional—you decide how many classifications you’ll need, and which inventory items should be associated to each.

It’s helpful to be familiar with classifications, since they are one of the criteria you can use when setting up other Monsoon Marketplace features, such as pricing rules and listing rules.

Create and edit classifications in the My Company section of the Settings tab. Any notes you associate with classifications will appear in the item notes section of your market listings.

Classifications section of the Settings tab

FIGURE 1: Classifications section of the Settings tab


You can apply classifications when you receive items, or when when you edit items already in inventory. You can view an item’s classifications in the item details listed on the My Inventory tab of Monsoon Marketplace.

View an item's classifications on the My Inventory tab

FIGURE 2: View an item’s classifications on the My Inventory tab

Things to know:

Classifications and categories are not the same: you define classifications, while categories are defined by your home market’s catalog record.

As your business needs change, you may find a particular classification is no longer needed. Instead of using the “Remove a Classification” button found in Monsoon Marketplace, we recommend that you stop applying the classification to new inventory, and remove the classification from existing inventory. Doing this allows you to keep the reports and order history data associated with that classification in your records.

Notes associated with classifications are one of several types of notes that appear with your listings on the markets. Be judicious when applying notes, so you do not overwhelm buyers with information or exceed a market’s size limit.



I. Create a classification

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. In the My Company section, click Classifications.
  3. Click Add Classification.
  4. In the Classifications field, type Unboxed items.
  5. In the Notes field, type Missing outer packaging.
  6. Click OK at the bottom of the screen.

II. Create three more classifications

  • Amazon
  • Gift Items
  • VendorX

III. Create your own classification

  • Think about what you are going to sell through Monsoon Marketplace, and create at least one classification specifically relevant to your inventory.


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