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On the Inventory Receiving tab you can scan an item’s barcode to receive it into Monsoon Marketplace, or search for that item using a keyword or product identifier such as ISBN, ASIN, or SKU.

Monsoon Marketplace searches your home market for a corresponding catalog record. If there are multiple results, you will need to select the best match.

After selecting the record you want to use, you can make adjustments to many details. For example, you can make changes to:

  • SKU (for non-media items)
  • Quantity
  • Classification
  • Locator Code

There are other areas you can update during the receiving process, but for training purposes we will focus on just a few, and use the default settings for everything else.

 Item details shown on the Inventory Receiving tab

FIGURE 1: Item details shown on the Inventory Receiving tab

Once you’ve searched for an item in the Receiving tab you can:

  • Click Accept to add the item to your inventory.
  • Click Skip to cancel so the item is not added to your inventory.

Things to know:

The values you have most recently selected for condition and classification will appear in the Inventory Receiving tab. These fields are “sticky” to speed up your receiving process.

  • Let’s say you have a shipment of new inventory from VendorX, so you select condition New and classification VendorX as you receive the first item. The next item you receive, and all subsequent items, will have the same condition New and classification VendorX applied, until you make a change to your selections.

Alphanumeric locator codes are also “sticky,” so if you use the Alphanumeric option you must manually change the locator code when your location changes. Numeric locator codes, however, will auto-increment by a factor of one as you receive items.

Monsoon Marketplace creates a new SKU if it cannot match all of the following characteristics to an item you currently have (or have had before) in inventory:

  • A standard identifier of ASIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN
  • Condition
  • Collectible
  • Classification
  • Item Notes
  • User Data

Items in the Book category are also matched against the characteristics:

  • Dust jacket
  • Dust jacket condition
  • Signed



I. Receive a toy

  1. Click on the Inventory Receiving tab.
  2. Select the category Toys And Games.
  3. Type B00CR42KGY in the Search field.
  4. Click Go or press Enter.
  5. Change the SKU to evilkitty01.
  6. Confirm the condition is New.
  7. Type 12 in the Qty field.
  8. Add the Gift Items classification.
  9. Type B1-1-0 for the Locator Code.
  10. Click the ellipsis next to Item Notes and select Great product. Free shipping.
  11. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  12. Click Accept to receive the item.
  13. Click on the My Inventory tab.
  14. Using the skills you have learned to Browse or Search, find the item you just received.

II. Receive a book

  1. Click on the Inventory Receiving tab and select the Books category.
  2. Type 0553109537 in the Search field.
  3. Click Go or press Enter.
    • Note that the SKU is automatically generated by Monsoon Marketplace and cannot be changed.
    • Note the “sticky” fields of Condition, Classification and Locator Code are the same as for the previous item you received.
  4. Change the condition to Very Good.
  5. Type 7 in the Qty field.
  6. Add the classification q403.
  7. Type A3-1-1 for the Locator Code.
  8. Click Accept to receive the item.

III. Receive more items

  1. Practice receiving several more items.
  2. Try items that will be part of your inventory in the future or the last few items you ordered from Amazon.


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