Marketplace Shipping Rules

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With Shipping Rules, you can set shipping methods and charges for specific groups of inventory when they list to the marketplace.

Shipping rules are specific to each marketplace and created individually under each particular Market on the Settings tab under the Markets section of Monsoon Marketplace.


The category of the items being listed, the marketplace and the marketplace account type, are all factors that decide what options are available when configuring marketplace shipping rules. This topic will focus on Amazon as you will start by launching on your Amazon home marketplace as a new seller.

  • Banded shipping is not currently supported in Monsoon Marketplace.
  • Amazon mandates the use of their category rates for Books, Music, VHS, and DVDs (BMVD) for both Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Marketplace account types.
Amazon Seller Central type account
  • You can choose to use either the specific shipping rates you have set up on your Amazon account or free shipping for items that are not in the BMVD categories.
  • Enter your Amazon seller account rates under Price Plus Shipping if you want to associate specific rates for the “Use Seller Account Rates”. Be sure to enter the same settings in Monsoon Marketplace as what you have set up on your Amazon account.
  • If you don’t enter your Amazon seller account rates under Price Plus Shipping, Monsoon uses the default Amazon shipping rates for each inventory category if you choose the “Use Seller Account Rates” option.
Amazon Marketplace type account
  • You can set up your shipping rules in Monsoon Marketplace using shipping methods that use default Amazon category shipping rates.
  • You will not see the option to “use seller account rates” or “free shipping” and will not have a Price Plus Shipping.

Things to know:

  • The Default shipping rule includes all inventory.
    • You can edit this default, but can’t remove it from your system.
    • You can create, edit and remove any other shipping rules you create.
  • We recommend creating separate Amazon shipping rules for media and non-media items if you selling across multiple categories on the Amazon marketplace.
    • If you include both media and non-media categories in a single shipping rule (if you keep only the default rule for example), your options for shipping are limited to the options available for non-media categories only.
    • Media items that fall into your mixed media / non-media shipping rule can’t take advantage of the full range of media shipping options.
  • Shipping rules are applied to inventory in the order in which they are listed (top to bottom).
    • If an item meets the criteria of the top rule, then that shipping rule is applied
    • If not, it is compared to the next rule down, and so on.
    • If an item does not qualify for a rule in the list, then the bottom Default (All Inventory) rule is applied.



Practice your skills:

1. Create a shipping rule

  • Navigate to the Amazon market area of the Markets section on the Settings tab.
  • Expand Amazon US and then expand the Shipping section.
  • Click Add to open the Shipping Rule editor.
  • Expand the Category section and select Cameras.
  • Expand the Condition section and select New.
  • Click the Free Shipping radial button.
  • Click OK to close the Shipping Rule editor box.
  • Click OK at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.


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