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Bulk editing is an efficient way to make changes to some of the data associated with your inventory. You can add item details such as Classifications or Item Notes to multiple items at the same time, or permanently delete items from your inventory by changing their quantity to zero.

Combining the Bulk Edit feature with a filter will allow you to edit your inventory in batches.

Select your filter criteria in the My Inventory tab and Monsoon Marketplace will display your inventory items that match that criteria. Verify that these are the items you want to edit then click Edit All to open the Bulk Editing screen and make any needed changes.


Things to know:

There are specific types of actions associated with Bulk Editing.


  • The Edit All button initiates the Bulk Editing process and selects all the items that are in the results window, even if those items are listed on multiple pages. Monsoon Marketplace will display the total number of item(s) selected during the Bulk Edit. To deselect items, click Edit All again.


  • OK saves any changes you made to the fields in the current bulk editing session. After you click OK the changes immediately applied to the selected inventory. You can only “go back” to previous settings by applying a new Bulk Edit.
  • Cancel will back out of the bulk editing screen without applying changes. Use this if you updated information in multiple fields and do not want to save any of those changes. This only works if you have not already clicked OK and applied the changes.
  • Reset Field removes the data entered into a field during your current bulk editing session. Use this if you want to reset the changes you made in one particular field. This only works if you have not already clicked OK and applied the changes.
  • Clear Field removes existing data in that field for all the records you are bulk editing. Use this to clear the existing data associated with all the items you are editing for a particular field.
  • Delete All permanently deletes all quantity associated with the SKUs selected. Use this feature if you want to zero out the quantity for all the items you are editing. Clicking Delete All cannot be undone so be cautious when using this button.



1. Filter and Bulk Edit to add an Item Note

  • From the My Inventory tab, choose Category All, Browse, and Filter.
  • In the Filter Criteria dialog box, choose to Include All.
  • For the first criteria, select Classification from the Column list, Equals from the Operator list, and General from the Value list.
  • For the second criteria (click Add if needed), select Qty from the Column list, Greater Than from the Operator list, and type 1 for the Value.
  • For the third criteria (click Add if needed), select Condition from the Column list, Not Equals from the Operator list, and New from the Value list.
  • If there are any other criteria rows showing in the filter, highlight them and click Remove to remove them from this filter.
  • Click OK to run the filter with the three criteria noted above.
  • Click Edit All.
  • Click the ellipsis button next to the Item Notes field.
  • Select Great product. Free shipping. from the Frequently Used Notes Selector dialog box.
  • Click OK to close the dialog box.
  • Click OK to save the changes to the records.
  • Read the dialog box and click Yes to confirm that you want to make changes to the records selected.
  • Read the dialog box and click Yes to append the new item notes (rather than replace the item notes).
  • Click Edit All to deselect the records and exit out of the Bulk Editing screen.

2. Filter and Bulk Edit to add a Classification

  • Use your skills to select filter criteria that will return a small number of items (2-10 items) in the My Inventory tab.
  • Use the Bulk Edit feature to apply the Classification VendorX to the items you have selected.


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