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Problem orders are orders where the Ordered Quantity does not match the Available Quantity or where you have manually decreased the Shipped Quantity for an item.

Problem orders will be listed in red in Monsoon Marketplace.


Within the Orders tab, you can choose to Browse and select Problem from the drop down menu to specifically review orders that have this characteristic.


Despite your best intentions, you will sometimes get problem orders. Two examples of why this can happen are:

  • orders for the same item come in simultaneously and there is not enough quantity for both orders
  • the item shows as having quantity in Monsoon Marketplace but you cannot find the item physically in your inventory

For training purposes we will consider the example of an Amazon order where the item cannot be found in your physical inventory. The first step is to change the Shipped Quantity in Monsoon Marketplace and the next step is to change the order status to Cancelled.

Things to know:

Each marketplace is different when it comes to handling problem orders and cancellations.

  • Amazon is a Charge When Shipped (CWS) marketplace. This means the customer is not charged for their order until that order is processed as shipped.
  • Be sure to review the marketplace specifics in our online Monsoon Marketplace Help before cancelling or taking other action on orders from those marketplaces.

Further information about troubleshooting the root cause of problem orders can be found in the Orders section of our Knowledge Base.



1. Manually decrease Shipped Qty

  • Click on the Orders tab.
  • Navigate to an Order in New status for the Amazon US marketplace that contains only 1 item.
  • Make note of the Order Number (you will need to reference it later in this exercise).
  • Change the Shipped Qty to 0 in the Order Items detail section.
  • Click OK at the bottom of the screen.
  • Review the Monsoon Marketplace pop-up window.
  • Click No in response to the pop-up window question “Do you want to return the un-shipped quantity back into inventory?”
  • Notice that the item in the Order Items detail section has changed to the color red.
  • Click the refresh button.
  • Navigate back to Order Number and see that it appears in red in the Order List section as well.

2. Cancel a Problem order

  • Remain in the Orders tab and choose to Browse Problem orders.
  • With the Order Number you changed above highlighted, click Cancel.
  • Review the Monsoon Marketplace pop-up window.
  • Click Yes, cancel the order to cancel the order and close the pop-up window.
  • Review the message in the All Order Items Have Been Cancelled pop-up window then click OK to close the window.


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