Buy Box Pricing Strategies

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You can create a Buy Box pricing strategy if you want a dynamic strategy that only considers the Buy Box winner when pricing your items.

The Amazon Buy Box is the box on the Amazon product detail page where customers start the purchase process by adding items to their shopping carts. Our Monsoon Marketplace Help offers more detailed information about this marketplace feature itself.


You can create a Buy Box pricing strategy in the Settings | Pricing | Buy Box Strategies section of Monsoon Marketplace. Once the strategy has been created, it will be available to use in the same ways any other Custom Price Strategy can be used: you can apply it to Inventory Groups for Inventory Pricing, or on individual items as needed.

Designate the criteria you want to use for the Buy Box strategy

  • Strategy name – give your strategy a name that will make sense to you.
  • Strategy notes – an optional area where you can apply any notes about what the strategy does.
  • Price target – decide whether you want to price to match the Buy Box winner, or greater than/less than the Buy Box winner by a specific $ or %.
  • Buy Box fallback – select an alternative pricing strategy to be used if Buy Box winner information is not available.

Things to know:

Creating a dedicated Buy Box strategy lets you target the Buy Box price directly so you can more aggressively compete for Buy Box placement. You may find that using other pricing strategies will still allow you to win the Buy Box, so be sure to explore your options and your individual business needs.

Even if your items are not eligible to win the Buy Box, you can still use a Buy Box pricing strategy to price against the Buy Box winner.



1. Create a Buy Box strategy

  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • In the Pricing section, click on the Buy Box Strategies under the Settings | Pricing section.
  • Click the Add Buy Box Strategy button to bring up the Add/Edit Buy Box Pricing Strategy dialog box.
  • Type Match Buy Box in the Strategy name field.
  • Type Training strategy exercise in the Strategy notes field.
  • Select the Price to match the Buy Box winner option for the Price target.
  • Select the pricing strategy Lowest Price from the list for the Buy Box fallback.
  • Click Save in the Add/Edit Buy Box Pricing Strategy dialog box.
  • Click the button next to the Match Buy Box strategy to expand the strategy and review the details.

2. Create an Inventory Group

  • Remain in Settings | Pricing and click Inventory Pricing.
  • Add a Inventory Group with the Category criteria of Cameras and the Pricing Strategy of Match Buy Box.


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