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You can export data about your inventory and orders from Monsoon Marketplace by accessing the Export Inventory and Export Orders options under the File menu.


The Default export template contains every column for all your active inventory categories. Depending on the categories you sell, using the Default export could result in a file with over 250 inventory columns.

You can create a custom template in the Settings | My Company | Import/Export Templates section of Monsoon Marketplace to specifically select which columns you want to export instead. This allows you to focus the data you export to just those fields that you want to include.


Monsoon Marketplace guides the template creation process with a Template Wizard. Click Add Template to launch the wizard and select the criteria you want to include in your Export Template.

Things to know:

Monsoon Marketplace will export data into a text (.txt) file only and the Default template is tab-delimited. You have the option to choose Tab, Semicolon, Comma, Space, or Other delimiters when you create an Export Template.

Creating templates specific to different business needs can save time. You could create an inventory export template that only includes SKU, UPC, locator code, and quantity to use during physical inventory and an inventory export template that only includes SKU, title and notes if you want to review what information is currently associated with your items.



1. Create an Inventory Export template

  • From Settings | My Company, click on Import/Export Templates.
  • Click on Add Template.
  • Choose Inventory Export from the template type list and click OK.
  • Choose to Create a brand new template and click Next.
  • Choose Tab for the Delimiter and click Next.
  • Type TrainingExportTester in the Custom Export Template Name field.
  • Click Add Column Header and select SKU from the Monsoon Column Header list.
  • Repeat the above step and add column headers for Title, ASIN, and Quantity.
  • Click Finish in the Export Wizard.
  • Click OK at the bottom of the screen to save the template.

2. Export Inventory with a Template

  • Click on My Inventory tab.
  • Select Cameras for the category and All Active for the Browse option.
  • Open the File menu and select Export Inventory.
  • Select Export inventory items visible in the My Inventory Tab.
  • Choose TrainingTester from the Export Template list.
  • Click Browse to open up a Windows file browser.
  • Navigate to the location where you want to save your file and type TrainingTest for the file name then click Save to close the Windows file browser.
  • Click OK in the Monsoon Marketplace Inventory Export dialog box.
  • Once the export has completed, click OK in the progress dialog box.


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