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Market level notes allow you to create custom notes that will appear on a specific marketplace.


  • A Market Note will appear on every item you list on the marketplace. This may be useful if you want to include specific information about your business, thank a customer for their order, promote your business, or make a general statement that might convert a new customer.
  • A Category/Condition note can be used to supply information that is targeted to a specific type of inventory on a specific marketplace.

With the settings shown above as an example, every item listing for Amazon US will have the note “We have high seller ratings. Find out why!” associated. In addition, the note (“All vinyl without scratches or marks”) will appear on every item on Amazon US in the music category that is assigned a “Very Good” condition.

Things to know:

Notes are uploaded to the marketplace in the following order

  • Item notes (individual and Frequently-Used notes associated at the SKU level)
  • Classification notes (the notes associated with Classifications or Smart Classifications)
  • Category/Condition market notes
  • Market notes

Be careful when creating Category/Condition notes. In the example described above, the “All vinyl without scratches or marks.” note will also appear on non-vinyl music listings (CDs, cassettes, etc.) because these items are in the music category as well. Be sure you know what listings will be affected with the notes you create.

You can create market level notes for all the Amazon marketplaces, AbeBooks, Alibris, and However, the eBay (US and UK) and marketplaces do not support the use of market level notes. You can read more about the specific note requirements for each marketplace in our online WebHelp.



Practice your skills:

1. Create a Market Note

  • Navigate to the Amazon market area of the Markets section on the Settings tab.
  • Expand Amazon US and then the Notes section.
  • Click Edit next to Market Note.
  • Type We provide excellent customer service. in the Market Note dialog box.
  • Click OK to close the Market Note dialog box.
  • Click OK at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


2. Create a Category/Condition note

  • Remain in the Notes section of the Amazon market area.
  • Click Add Category/Condition Note.
  • Select Cameras from the first drop down menu and New from the second drop down menu.
  • Type Includes free lens cleaning cloth! in the text box.
  • Click OK to close the Category/Condition Note editor.
  • Click OK at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


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