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Every item in your inventory has a rich set a data about the market listing status, the price on those markets, and the factors considered to get to that price.

You can explore these item details from the My Inventory tab of Monsoon Marketplace.

My Price
If you have multiple markets enabled within Monsoon Marketplace, the My Price field will display the price for your item on one marketplace. You can see the price your item is listed for on the individual marketplaces by hovering over the ellipsis button.


Click on the ellipsis button if you want to open the Pricing Information dialog box and see even more pricing details. From this dialog box, you can view information about this item for the individual Markets where it is listed, as well as make changes to Pricing Strategy for specific marketplaces.


You can also look at the Pricing Events for an item, by marketplace, to see the factors used to price the item. Click on the Pricing Events ellipsis to see the pricing details for the item on that particular marketplace. The Reprice Now! button will trigger Monsoon Marketplace to reprice the item and create a new pricing event and the Details button will display the specific offers used as competitors for pricing. You can copy this data by clicking on the paper icon in the top right corner. You can then paste the information into another document (like an email, notepad or word processing document) if you want to read it in a text format.


If you have multiple markets enabled within Monsoon Marketplace, the Status field will display the status for your item on one marketplace. You can see the listing status that your item is in for the individual marketplaces by hovering over the ellipsis button.


Click the ellipsis button if you want to see the details in the Market Status dialog box. This screen gives you a quick snap-shot of information for the markets you have enabled.


Things to know:

Remember that any time you assign a pricing strategy at an item (SKU) level it will override any price settings at a group level (those under the Inventory Pricing section of the Settings tab).

The status of your inventory items are impacted both by choices you make (such as with listing rule settings) and the marketplaces themselves (the specific requirements they have for listing items and the processes they use for loading data and listings). Your inventory will have a status associated with each marketplace that is enabled. Understanding the different statuses used in Monsoon Marketplace will help you understand what is happening with your items.

Below is a list of some of the most common statuses you will see. Review the full list in our online Monsoon Marketplace Help.

  • Will Be Listed – Item is not yet listed, but ready to be listed.
  • Updating – A recent change to this item is being processed to update the marketplace listing.
  • Listing – Data about the item has been sent to the marketplace and Monsoon Marketplace is waiting for a response.
  • Upload Error – This item met a problem when being uploaded to the marketplace. Check the Event Viewer for any relevant error messages.
  • Listed – The item is listed on the marketplace.
  • Delisting – The listing is in the process of being removed from the marketplace.
  • Not Listed – The item is not listed.
  • Pending – The item is newly created or modified and has not yet been reviewed by Monsoon Marketplace to see if it matches your listing rules.



Practice your skills:

1. Review the pricing details for an item

  • From the My Inventory tab, choose to Browse All Active Books that are in Training mode.
  • Highlight an item that is showing as Listed… in the Status field in the results window.
  • Click the ellipsis button next to My Price to bring up the Pricing Information dialog box.
  • Click on the ellipsis button for the Amazon US Local listing under the Pricing Events column.
  • Click the Reprice Now! button.
  • Click the View Details button.
  • Click the paper icon in the top right corner of the Recent Pricing History dialog box to copy the pricing details.
  • Paste the details of the pricing information into an email, notepad, or word processing document.


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