When do multi-channel FBA orders come into Monsoon Marketplace and how are they handled?

Document created by noahs Employee on May 3, 2017
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FBA orders purchased through Amazon will be retrieved by Monsoon Marketplace when the order has been marked as shipped by Amazon. Until that occurs that order will not appear in your Orders tab. Most orders are shipped by Amazon within 3 business days, but can take longer in some instances.

FBA orders purchased on non-Amazon (multi-channel) marketplaces will come into Monsoon Marketplace when the order is placed, with a status of “In Process”.  If Amazon starts to ship a multi-channel fulfillment order, but can’t find the item (or confirms that the order is an international order), Amazon will send Monsoon Marketplace a confirmation that the order was Unfulfillable instead of sending confirmation that the order was shipped.

For an Unfulfillable multichannel order, if you have local inventory available to fill the order, Monsoon Marketplace will change the order’s fulfillment type from FBA to Local and its status from In Process to New. The order can then be processed like any other merchant-fulfilled order.

When there is no local inventory available to fulfill an Unfulfillable multi-channel order, the order will display as a red “problem order” although the status of the order will remain as In Process. If you see an order with a status of Unfulfillable on Amazon and a status of In Process in Monsoon Marketplace, you will need to cancel and refund the order directly on the marketplace. You can then either ignore the red In Process order on your Orders tab or contact Support to cancel the order for you in your database.