Why aren’t my FBA items from a shipment that has been received and closed listing?

Document created by noahs Employee on May 3, 2017
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When an FBA shipment is created directly on Amazon and the shipment is in transit, the FBA Listing Hold checkbox is automatically selected for SKUs that either 1) currently have an FBA quantity in Monsoon Marketplace of zero or 2) didn’t previously exist in Monsoon Marketplace.

11-19-2014 3-09-33 PM

Monsoon Marketplace added this feature so you can make sure all of your pricing rules, classifications, and other settings are in place for new items or items you’re replenishing. When you’re ready, you can clear the FBA Listing Hold checkbox to send an item up to Amazon for listing.

You can use a filter to quickly pull up a list and see which items are not listing because of an FBA Listing Hold.

11-19-2014 3-11-53 PM

To send your items up for listing, you can clear the checkbox for individual items or edit multiple items using a bulk edit.

For more information on FBA Listing Hold, please see the FBA section in Monsoon Marketplace Help.