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Document created by neilt Employee on May 15, 2017
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Sometimes, after a new install of a Monsoon workstation or automatic update of the software, Monsoon Marketplace won't open. A message may pop up such as:

Cannot connect to the MonsoonMaster
Cannot connect to the Monsoon service at: tcp://localhost:2113/MonsoonMaster


The first thing we recommend is a reboot of the Monsoon server. This has a way of refreshing a lot of the processes Monsoon needs to operate normally. 



If the reboot does not work, try restarting the services.  (NOTE: ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE ON THE PRIMARY/SERVER MACHINE.) To do this, open the Start Menu and type in Services. In the window that appears, right click on Monsoon Master Service.  Select Start or Restart and repeat this process for Monsoon Worker Service.  Now try opening Monsoon again.



Firewalls and antivirus can block Monsoon from opening on either the primary or secondary machines. If nothing happens when you try opening Monsoon, please check your antivirus software's "quarantine" or "virus vault" and restore any Monsoon files that were removed. Here are instructions for doing this if you're using Norton, McAfee, or Avast.


We also recommend that you try turning off UAC (User Account Control) on both workstations and the server if you're unable to open Monsoon.


1. Click Start and then open Control Panel.
2. In the Control Panel, in the search box, type "Turn User Account Control on or off."
3. Clear the tick or check mark on the box beside the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer option or slide the bar all the way down to Never Notify.
4. Click OK.
5. Restart the computer


If you see the error message, "Cannot connect to the Monsoon service at: tcp://localhost:2113/MonsoonMaster" and it lists a computer name instead of "localhost," your workstation cannot connect to the MonsoonMaster service that is running on the primary Monsoon machine.  This could be because the Monsoon Master Service is not running (see first step above), a firewall is blocking communication, or a network issue is disrupting connectivity.  You can try temporarily turning off the firewall and disabling the antivirus and try opening Monsoon again. If this allows Monsoon to open properly, you may need to reconfigure your firewalls and/or add exceptions for the Monsoon folders to your antivirus. The entire c:\programdata\monsoon folder can be added as an exception so updates are not interrupted in the future.


If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Monsoon Support. We are happy to help.