Textbooks sales and Via Alibris orders

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Prompted by the increase in questions about textbook sales and order processing from our Alibris sellers, we thought it’d be a perfect time to review how Via Alibris, a valuable Alibris program, works.  

When you sell on Alibris, you receive two different kinds of orders: orders that you ship directly to your customers and orders that you ship to the Alibris distribution center. The orders that you ship to the Alibris distribution center are called Via Alibris orders.

When your Via Alibris order is received at the Alibris distribution center, it’s processed then shipped by Alibris to institutional accounts such as large libraries or hospitals and Alibris strategic partners. (Read more about the non-Alibris web sites where your books can be listed automatically by Alibris in Selling on the Marketplace Partner Network.

How to identify a Via Alibris order

In place of the usual customer shipping address, you’ll see the words “Via Alibris” printed on your Monsoon packing slip. When you see “Via Alibris”, you need to print an Alibris Purchase Notification to ship along with your order.

  • A Via Alibris order is identified by a note printed on the Monsoon packing slip.

There’s a great article on the Alibris Seller Hub, How to fulfill orders, that explains everything you need to know about processing orders. Here’s the relevant bit about Via Alibris orders:

  1. Print a copy of the Purchase Notification from the Seller Hub (on the View Open Orders page, click “Print PN,” then select “Print” from the File menu). You’ll now use the Purchase Notification as your packing slip.
  • An Alibris Purchase Notification must be included in your Via Alibris order.
  1. All items sent to the Alibris distribution center must include a copy of the Purchase Notification. For books, this should be inserted inside the front cover. For audiotapes, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes, the Purchase Notification should be wrapped around the item and secured with a rubber band. For vinyl albums, the Purchase Notification should be enclosed along with the album inside a plastic bag. Failure to include the Purchase Notification can result in delayed payment, cancellation of the order, and (in some cases) a cross-dock fee of $4.50.
  1. US sellers should affix a pre-paid MRS label to the box and ship to Alibris. Information on MRS Labels can be found here.
  1. Go to the Seller Hub and select the appropriate Open Order. You’ll see two options for filling the order: “Filled” or “Canceled.” If you have the item and have already completed steps 1 – 3 above, select “Filled.” If you no longer have the item and cannot fill the order, select “Canceled.”

If you have a question about Via Alibris orders and you’re not finding the information you need at the Alibris Seller Hub, our Support team is here to help!