How can I suspend operations while I go on vacation?

Document created by monsooninc Employee on Sep 13, 2017
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If you are going on vacation and need to suspend operations, it is generally best to set your marketplace seller accounts to Vacation status for the time you are away. If you decide to take this step, it is important to put ALL marketplaces on vacation; leaving one market live will result in out of sync inventory and listings.

Each marketplace has its own version of a ‘vacation’ setting:

  • For all Amazon marketplaces, change the Listing Status for your locally-fulfilled items to Inactive. Your FBA items will remain active, as they can be ordered and processed without your involvement. New listings will get added as inactive, then go live when you come back from vacation and are ready to begin your operations again. For more information, see Amazon US and Amazon UK.
  • For eBay, you can’t put your listings on vacation per se but there are alternate options, such as messaging and/or hiding your listings. More details can be found at eBay US and eBay UK.
  • For, the marketplace advises you put your account on vacation at least 24 hours before actually leaving, in order to catch last-minute orders.
  • For Alibris, you can place your account on hold if you’ll be gone more than 2 days.
  • For Abebooks, vacation mode is available but it is important to note that they don’t allow inventory uploads while you are on vacation. Therefore it is recommended to delist your AbeBooks account in Monsoon Marketplace while on vacation and then relist when you get back. This will ensure your inventory is synched up correctly when you return.
  • For Shopping, email Merchant Support and ask to set your Merchant Account to Vacation Mode. Then email again when you’re back to reactivate the account.

It is advisable to delist and relist your items on each marketplace periodically. You may want to take the opportunity to so include this as part of the steps you take when putting your markets on vacation (Note: As eBay US charges fees to relist items, you may not want to delist on that market if the cost will be prohibitive). If you decide to move forward with delisting, you’ll want to delist each marketplace through the Monsoon Marketplace Settings tab first. Then confirm that your listings have been removed from your marketplace account before setting your accounts to Vacation.