To Install a Monsoon Workstation

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You can download an installation file from the  Monsoon Downloads section when you want to add or replace a Monsoon workstation.

Before you begin the installation process, please review the following:

  • The Monsoon installation file includes options for both your server and workstation installations.
  • Verify your current Monsoon version before beginning. You can find this on your Monsoon server installation by clicking on the Help button in the upper left corner, then on About. This will give you your current version. The version you are installing on the workstation *must* match the server version or your workstation installation will be stuck in 'updating' status.
  • The default settings in the Monsoon Marketplace Setup Wizard are for workstation installations. The advanced features and/or Monsoon Services are for server installations only, and should never be selected or installed on a workstation.
  • All workstations must be on the same network as your Monsoon server. If a workstation is on a different network, it won’t be able to connect to the server.
  • Any machine that is used as a Monsoon workstation must meet the minimum requirements specified in System requirements.
  • For a successful installation, certain ports and programs must be open or allowed through the firewalls of each PC. This configuration allows Monsoon Marketplace installations to communicate across your network. Confirm that your machine is set up with the exceptions and connections specified in Firewall exceptions and outbound connections.

From the computer you want to add as a Monsoon workstation:

  1. Go to the Monsoon Downloads section in the Get Answers section of the Monsoon Community.
  2. Choose the Monsoon downloads document that matches your current Monsoon server version.
  3. Open the version document and click on the Monsoon version link-this will immediately download to your machine.
  4. Double-click the .exe file you downloaded to launch the Monsoon Marketplace Setup Wizard.
  • During a workstation installation, you’ll need to select the name of your server (with the port number after it). You can confirm the full computer name of your server in the Windows Control Panel under System, then under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings. For example, the Monsoon server name should look something like: Dell_Desktop_Primary:2113.
  1. After installation is complete, you can verify the Monsoon version your workstation is running. On the menu bar, click Help, then click About.

System requirements