Monsoon Cloud Overview

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Monsoon Cloud helps you keep tabs on what’s happening with your business, products you’re selling, and provides actionable insights based on that information.


There are two main features of Monsoon Cloud : the reports and the stream. The reports provide you with a snapshot of your business for the last eight weeks, and the stream is a news feed that surfaces reports and real time snapshots of what’s happening with your business and products.


A Google account is required to log in. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be able to sign up with Google as part of the onboarding process.


There are four sections in the reports feature : Dashboard, Orders, Inventory, and Trends.


The reports are represented using charts and declarations. Charts are graphical representations of the data, and declarations are a few sentences that give you insights based on that data.


Each chart has a legend and labels. When you click on a label, it will disable that label and the data associated with it in the chart. When you hover over data in the chart, it will give you more details about that data. You can also download the data that is driving the report by using the download button.


The charts will show you how your business performed over the last eight weeks. The the current week is not displayed in the charts. The reports are also not customizable. For example, you cannot select a custom date range.


A week in each section is calculated by taking the number of new orders during a week and subtracting the number of cancelled and refunded orders that same week.


The Dashboard section provides a snapshot of your business over the last eight weeks. You can see your revenue broken down by category or channel, number of orders, and how many products you sold.


Monsoon Cloud Dashboard


The Orders section shows the number of orders you’ve had each week, the week to week growth rate of orders, and how you’re trending compared to your weekly average number of orders.


Monsoon Cloud Orders


The Inventory section shows the number of products you’ve sold each week, the week to week growth rate of products sold, and how you’re trending compared to your weekly average number of products sold.


Monsoon Cloud Inventory


The Trends section shows gross sales over the last eight weeks and a prediction on what next week’s gross sales will be. The predicted revenue is based on historical data beyond the last eight weeks. Revenue trends can be viewed by channel or by category.


Monsoon Cloud Trends


The events in the stream give you real-time insights into what’s happening in your business so you can take action. There are orders and revenue events that give you daily, weekly, and real time snapshots of your business. There are events such as daily revenue or order volume reports, cancellations rates, and trends.


Each event in the stream has a symbol, a circle around the symbol, and a date/time stamp. The symbol tells you whether the event is an orders or revenue event. The circle will be green if the event is information or a good trend, and the circle will be red if there’s a trend you’ll want to keep an eye on.


Monsoon Cloud Stream