Valore Books Launch Steps

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Steps to Launch on Valore Books

1)  Complete the registration form

- Under “Will You Be Using FTP?”, click the radio button for Yes

- You have the option to be contacted by Valore about their Liquidate program (where sellers can get quotes in bulk for a list of inventory they want to sell all at once), but this is not part of the Monsoon/Valore marketplace integration.


2)  Sign in and enter the account activation code sent to you via email  

- Note: If you don't see an email from, please check your spam folder or email them at


3)  Enter your payment information  

- Please enter the address where you would like your seller payments to be sent.


4)  Click the 'Selling options' link under 'Account Info' to indicate the shipping methods you'll offer your customers


5)  Click the 'FTP Information' link under 'Account info' on your account homepage to set up free FTP processing


6) Once you’ve completed your registration, you will be assigned to a member of the Valore team who can help guide you, set up ACH, and answer any questions.


7) Contact Monsoon Support requesting to enable Valore

- Make sure to include the following as Support will need this information as part of the set-up process:

  • Valore Seller Name
  • FTP Username
  • FTP Password


8) As soon as Support enables the connection to Valore Books, your items will begin to list.

- You will process orders via the Orders tab just as you would with the other marketplaces.


Some things to note

- The Monsoon/Valore integration currently only supports the Books category

- You must be US-based to sell on Valore

- Valore does not charge a sign up fee, monthly fee or per-item listing fee

- Valore charges 15% of the listing price for each book sold

- Shipping

- The following shipping rates apply:

            - Standard: $3.95 ($2.69 seller credit)

            - Expedited: $6.95 ($5.69 seller credit)

            - 2nd Day Shipping: $11.95 ($10.69 seller credit)

- Payments to sellers (including shipping credits) are processed twice per month

- Monsoon supports Valore as a data exchange integration, whereby all of your book inventory is exported to Valore

- You cannot restrict the inventory that you list like you can with other supported marketplaces

- You do have the ability to set unique pricing rules for Valore just as you do with the other supported marketplaces*


*Please note that once you are migrated to cloud pricing, you do NOT have the ability to set a unique pricing rule for Valore. Monsoon will use your Amazon home market price as your item price for Valore. We're currently evaluating feature options that will allow additional flexibility with your prices for data exchange channels.