Cloud Pricing | What to expect after the migration

Document created by jons Employee on Oct 29, 2018
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What features are changing when I migrate to cloud pricing?

  • The Monsoon server is no longer repricing items. When Amazon notifies us that a price changed for a sku, the sku is repriced by the Monsoon cloud infrastructure using your price settings. The Monsoon server is constantly looking for SKUs where the price has changed, and it updates all channels you’re selling the product on.
  • All of your price settings are still set in the desktop application.
  • The Price History feature has been replaced by a new feature called Price Changes. Price changes shows you the last five price changes for any SKU and the reason the price changed.
  • If you use eBay as a pricing provider for, pricing is still done by the server and not in the cloud infrastructure.


Are there any features I have today that are no longer available?

  • Buy Box Strategies - Nearly all of you were already using Custom Strategies in Monsoon Marketplace, and we’ve migrated everyone who uses Buy Box strategies to Custom Strategies.
  • Ignore Lowball - Based on your feedback, this feature is something everyone is interested in, but you aren’t confident the feature is helpful. We are looking into adding a similar feature to cloud pricing in the future. However, we want to give it the ability to ignore both lowball and highball offers as well as give you visibility into whether or not this feature is working for you and your business.
  • Reprice Now! - When you’re using cloud pricing, an item will reprice whenever a pricing notification is received from Amazon, as well as when you change your price settings. This new behavior alleviates the need to manually trigger an item to reprice.


For a full list of features, changes, and fixes, see the Monsoon Marketplace release notes.