CEO Update: Analytics, Pricing and More

Blog Post created by dhersh Employee on Jul 11, 2017

Things are continuing to crank along here at Monsoon. After releasing our Walmart integration and satisfying Walmart’s solution partner criteria, the engineering team is doubling down on our next major features below:


Monsoon Analytics: Our new analytics product will be 100% cloud-based with a mobile friendly web interface. With Analytics, you’ll be able to keep tabs on what’s working and what’s not across your online channels. From margin tracking, to inventory turn rates, to revenue forecasting, this new user experience will allow for deep dives into tactical issues or strategic, birds-eye views of your business. We anticipate rolling this out as an MVP by end of August. Here are a couple sneak-peek screenshots:





Pricing in the Cloud: We’ve heard your feedback around the constraints of the existing Pricing engine: from additional hardware to lengthy processing time and more. We’ll be addressing all these issues and revamping our pricing engine as we move it to the cloud. All customers will be able to use this new pricing engine without investment in additional hardware. The configuration will include flexibility around ceiling and floor thresholds and tighter integration with COGS. Look for this highly-anticipated new feature to start rolling out in September.


Beyond these major updates, the engineering team has added significant capacity, allowing us to turn around critical bug fixes and small feature improvements in weeks, or even days, versus months.


We’ll be posting additional updates on our progress here in the Community, so be sure to check back and join in the discussion.